Friday, August 29, 2008

Oh, What a Night!

I watched Obama rock my world. The OG did well. I got to talk to my friends. I played poker, which involved a group of us TWICE singing the UO fight song in the face of a Husky. Drank a bottle of cheap wine. Listened to this: loud enough that my ears still kind of hurt an hour later.

Now I am organizing the hell out of some grievances and trying to figure out the "plot" of Ghost Rider.

You know, sometimes life is pretty awesome.

And I try not to remember that the ability for me to enjoy my life is built on a mountain of exploitation.

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Stevie said...

Um, so I'm assuming in your Oregon addlepated brain that being a Husky FAN equates to being a Husky?

And I am really not even that die hard of a fan, but I do believe I just may go memorize the Husky fight song, so that I may obnoxiously greet you with it next time I see you.

Fun blog. Good stuff.