Friday, August 29, 2008

How low will he go?

apparently, pretty low. I will not link to the ad. but this screenfreeze appears for about a full second (at least 30 frames) and the C has obviously been shaded out. There is no way this is coincidence, no f'in way.

h/t Raw story


dr said...

Whatever. I find it hard to believe that anybody susceptible to subliminal race baiting was ever going to vote for Obama. More to the point, I think kvetching about subliminal race baiting is a political loser.

EZ said...


You are probably right, I mean, every one knows that advertising doesn't work.
Who buys body spray for men?
I am sure that the Willie Horton ad and the G.H.W. Bush campaign's "plausibly deniable" companion ads had no effect on that race as well.

Or that Helm's ad with the white hands, I mean I am sure that wasn't even intentional . Interesting to note that the McLame camp has hired the ad producer behind that whopper.

"Alex Castellanos, the veteran Republican media consultant who produced the so-called "White Hands" commercial that Helms used against Gantt, has according to the Washington Post been advising McCain's campaign on media strategy.

Castellanos bluntly refers to his work with Helms as "The Cause." And That cause has attracted other key players from the late senator's campaigns.

Republican strategist Charlie Black, perhaps the most prominent member of McCain's political inner circle (especially since he suggested that a terrorist attack on the U.S. would benefit the Republican's prospects this fall), advised Helms throughout much of the senator's career and played a particularly central role in the 1990 campaign, according to contemporary media accounts."
by John Nichols at the nation.

dave3544 said...

I agree with dr that it would be bad for the Obama campaign to gripe about this...but that's why we're here.

We (the left blogosphere) just need enough small examples like this until it becomes "known" that McCain is running racist ads. Once that's "accepted" then we're money.

Take, for instance, the idea that Obama ran a sexist campaign. People who advance this idea can only point to two Obama quotes and then a whole lot of dickery from the media, but try dissuade a hardcore Hillaryite from believing Obama ran a sexist campaign...EZ?

EZ said...

a distinction must be made between the well documented sexism exhibited by the media and the advantage that such coverage gave Obama.
I think that Obama made a serious mistake in not picking HRC for VP but I don't think it revolved around him being sexist.

dr said...

EZ - I took some care in composing my comment. Among the things I didn't say was that advertising doesn't work.

EZ said...


Sometimes, I can be a bit of a jerk, and I don't take a lot of time composing my scribbles. But, if you have been reading along regularly you already know that. I will concede your point that kvetching by the BHO campaign would not be helpful, but hope you can see my (rudely put and abrasive) point that these types of ads must be vocally derided, and that many people are too quick to discount the pernicious effect of such images.