Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Pat Buchanan

Is the man's soul so withered that he actually thinks that political operatives (the Clintons) hope that the candidates in their own party (Obama) lose to improve their chances of winning in four years? Because he is arguing strenuously that anyone who thinks Hillary hopes Obama wins is a naive idealist.

Of course he doesn't think these things. He is a political operative saying whatever he can to stir shit up among the Dems to McCain's advantage.

What possible purpose does it serve to have a Republican political operative "commenting" on the Democratic National Convention? MSNBC just had their B-team eat up a full 5 minute segment arguing with Buchanan as he advanced ridiculous tripe.

Well played, sir, but jeebus.


wobblie said...

It's not that his soul is withered, it's that he has no soul.

dr said...

Think of Pat Buchanan as MSNBC's answer to Alan Colmes.

dr said...

Or maybe to Juan Williams. At any rate, his job is to say stupid shit.