Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Leave Chief Lehner Alone!

Dear Editor of the Register Guard,

I would like to second Charles R. Williams' call for the citizens of Eugene to stop criticizing Chief Lehner for breaking the law [Letters August 27, 2008]. It is time for all citizens of Eugene to realize that the Police Chief reserves the right to break the law whenever he feels it is necessary. We must also accept that he will do this whenever he feels it is appropriate, and that we will not be notified nor given an explanation when Chief Lehner decides to break the law.

It would probably also be wise of us to assume that District Attorney Doug Harcleroad and City Manager Jon Ruiz will be breaking the law whenever they believe to it to be necessary or expedient. After all, one does not wash a back, unless one expects the same courtesy in return. Additionally, I think the men and women on the police force have made it clear over the past decade that they, too, share their Chief's respect for the law and will be violating it when convenient.

I believe that the people of Eugene are often too quick to criticize our police. Everyday these brave men and women kiss their families goodbye knowing that they maybe called on to tase some hippy who was blocking traffic, write a letter to the editor on behalf of the Torrey campaign, or, heaven forbid, rape a couple of prostitutes in the course of their duties. I think it is time to cut them some slack.


ash (on leave) said...

please tell me you actually sent this to the R-G.

oscar acosta said...

this letter needs to be copied and sent around city hall

dave3544 said...

Thanks Oscar. Unfortunately, I live in a town where I don't feel entirely safe calling out the police, so, no Ash, I will not be asking that this letter to be published wider than this blog.

I truly lack the requisite genitalia. And admire the hell out of those that do.

Until, of course, they feel the need to smash a window or some poor slob's car. This is our lament, no? Stuck between the idealists and the idiots.

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