Tuesday, August 26, 2008

If the Talking Heads Get You Down

Have a larf on Phyllis Schlafly. Apparently Title IX is the reason the US sucks at the Olympics. Well, at least in the "macho" sports like men's gymnastics and freestyle wrestling.

Please don't pass up the comments because they contain gems like this:
Once a country or a culture accepts false premises, it starts to decline.
False ideas:
1) Men and women are equal in all aspects.
2) All cultures are equally good.
3) All religions are equally valid or moral.
4) Morals evolve with the ideas required or desired by society.
5) Science must find results consistent with the politics of those in charge of awarding money. Example: Evolution must be accepted as a valid physical science even though it is just an unproven fantasy and not based on any scientific evidence.
6) Women have an assumed right to privacy of their body when they are pregnant and want an abortion; even though the baby is not their own body.
7) People are free when the government takes about 50% of their money by taxation (confiscation).
8) The practice of religion cannot be in public places.
9) The government must control education and health care.
10) Foreigners can immigrate to the US in any numbers that the foreigners want.
11) Foreigners can speak their languages instead of English, and must be accommodated by the government.


wobblie said...

Wow - they bring the crazy:

pretty clearly she correctly pointed out the reason the U.S. didn't medal in many women's or men's sports in Beijing was due almost entirely to Title 9, which unfairly uses quotas in colleges to "equalize" sports for women at the expense of men's sports. More clear reasons illustrating that feminists unfairly target men due to unreasoning hatred.

I guess 110 total medals - the most of any nation competing - doesn't qualify as "many." And the men won more gold medals than the women.

But again, facts, schmacts.

dave3544 said...

We didn't win them in sports that count...men's gymnastics.

The comments are awesome in that many commentators genuinely seem unable to consider that women may have benefited from Title IX. Or that women's medals matter. There's the hilarious one about how feminist anti-dieting propaganda makes our gymnasts "heavy," which hurts their wrists, which HURTS WOMEN!