Wednesday, August 27, 2008

DNC report Tuesday, pt. 2

Impressions from the Evening Program

  • I spent the evening seated next to a lady from Winchester, TN, just some dozen miles down the mountain from Sewanee. She assured me that Bennet's Pharmacy continues to thrive, serving milkshakes and their famous, fructose-heavy "Bloody Martys" to Franklin County. She also informed me that, within her congressman-husband's district, Sewanee was the only town to vote for Obama in the TN primary...!
  • I saw the person I think of as "C-SPAN GUY" - cannot find a pic - riding the Pepsi Center's downward escalator and snarfing a long, tall bag of popcorn.
  • In terms of messaging and placement in the program schedule, Change to Win kicked the AFL-CIO's butt last night. Anna Berger and the "walk a day in my shoes" home healthcare worker both had close-to-primtetime slots, whereas Sweeney's bracing teleprompter recitation was buried amidst the hour of snoozeville that ensued between Janet Napolitano and Bob Casey.

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dr said...

But remember, CTW is all about organizing. They don't do politics.