Saturday, January 24, 2009

o + btw

fuck andy stern.


ABC News: 'Zero' Arrests, Secured Obama Inauguration Rolls On
Props to my friend from FEMA and all the personnel who managed not to find any "anarchists" to arrest.

Obama's Secret Record Collection : Rolling Stone
I'm sending him Spiderland, Vampire on Titus, Evol (he needs "Green Light") and Trace. You?

Nando on Kasama: Engagement and Audience « Kasama
This article calls for US Maoists and Trotskyists to look past their doctrinal divergences and join forces for whatever. Imagine, the coalition of hundreds that could emerge from such a hatchet-burial!

The Dialectics of Marx, Althusser & Mao: That Lonely Hour of Last Instance « Kasama
Fuck yeah. Kasama's the best marxist blog, period. God bless this ex-RCP undertaking for having a) the intellectual will to tackle Althusser (a wife-strangling, personal thought-hero of mine) and, b) the political honesty necessary to tell a buncha commies that 'economic determinism' of a certain prevailing "marxism" is a red herring.

Ben Smith's Blog: An Obama-McCain alliance? -
'Been thinking about this since I read it weeks ago. If BHO were to keep the stimulus bill a) loaded with the relatively un-stimulative tax cuts that turn on congressional Republicans and, b) free of earmarks and "pork"... McCain might come out in favor, and leave only the marginal House Repubs. to wave their snob-flag.

Caroline, No

The next time I get all denim-workshirt-y and start gabbing about the mean streets of whatever-the-crap, remind me that I read every damned word of this piece of rich-person porno. Very well-written rich-person porno, mind you.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Coming soon, I promise

Very tiring week, this week, but I promise you, details on Barry's Big Day and our adventures therein, with pictures!, will be forthcoming.

This might explain Wobs' experience...

According to McClatchy: Porta-potties went largely unused
WASHINGTON — Among other things, the inauguration of President Barack Obama was "the largest temporary toilet event in the history of the United States," an official of Don's Johns, the firm that provided most of them, said Wednesday.

Here's the mystery, however: Did it have to be? According to Conrad Harrell, vice president of Don's Johns in Chantilly, Va., most portables were about a quarter full Wednesday morning. Harrell had thought they'd be half full, as they are after most events.

Adam Carter, the operations manager for Alpine Portable Restrooms of Round Hill, Va., was puzzled, too. He said Wednesday that he'd "found whole rolls of unused toilet paper in some."

Here are the possibilities: The planners overestimated demand. The crowd was so dense that people couldn't get to them.

I heard Jesse Jackson, and other bigwigs were unable to even make it to their VIP seats...makes ya wanna break down and cryyyyy.....(although it is actually sad that Jesse was unable to see the event live)

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

hard-hitting, embedded reportage

you wanna know how l'inauguration was? it was cold.

wobs and i are in agreement that the definitive microcosm, the single vignette that contains vast and diverse universes, was surely this televised Al Roker blowout.

other highlights included Barry's shout-out to the "non-believers" and the beginning of the U.S. of A.'s love affair with the dashing Joe Biden. (and how about Jill Biden's short skirt and Jane Fonda, 1983-ish boots, btw?)

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Bush's legacy

John Roberts...

from thinkprogress blog:
On CNN, Wolf Blitzer said, "John Roberts had one job to do today and he sort of screwed up." Jeffrey Toobin replied, "I almost fell out of my chair."