Saturday, January 24, 2009


ABC News: 'Zero' Arrests, Secured Obama Inauguration Rolls On
Props to my friend from FEMA and all the personnel who managed not to find any "anarchists" to arrest.

Obama's Secret Record Collection : Rolling Stone
I'm sending him Spiderland, Vampire on Titus, Evol (he needs "Green Light") and Trace. You?

Nando on Kasama: Engagement and Audience « Kasama
This article calls for US Maoists and Trotskyists to look past their doctrinal divergences and join forces for whatever. Imagine, the coalition of hundreds that could emerge from such a hatchet-burial!

The Dialectics of Marx, Althusser & Mao: That Lonely Hour of Last Instance « Kasama
Fuck yeah. Kasama's the best marxist blog, period. God bless this ex-RCP undertaking for having a) the intellectual will to tackle Althusser (a wife-strangling, personal thought-hero of mine) and, b) the political honesty necessary to tell a buncha commies that 'economic determinism' of a certain prevailing "marxism" is a red herring.

Ben Smith's Blog: An Obama-McCain alliance? -
'Been thinking about this since I read it weeks ago. If BHO were to keep the stimulus bill a) loaded with the relatively un-stimulative tax cuts that turn on congressional Republicans and, b) free of earmarks and "pork"... McCain might come out in favor, and leave only the marginal House Repubs. to wave their snob-flag.


lex dexter said...

Oh, and also, I think Obama needs a copy of Hoover's "The Lurid Transversal or Rte. 7," too.

gabbagabbahey said...

ok, I've seen lots of unrealistic expectations of Obama, but that he'd get into obscure post-hardcore tops it!

although, maybe the White House being where it is, there should be a whole DC record section. And a library shelf of Pelecanos.