Wednesday, January 21, 2009

hard-hitting, embedded reportage

you wanna know how l'inauguration was? it was cold.

wobs and i are in agreement that the definitive microcosm, the single vignette that contains vast and diverse universes, was surely this televised Al Roker blowout.

other highlights included Barry's shout-out to the "non-believers" and the beginning of the U.S. of A.'s love affair with the dashing Joe Biden. (and how about Jill Biden's short skirt and Jane Fonda, 1983-ish boots, btw?)


kevin maier said...

last i checked, pjh, polyester pants and short skirts weren't the best defense against frigid inside-the-beltway breezes. just sayin'.

glad to know, in any case, that you and wobs were on the scene today. made me feel better about the universe.

wobblie said...

If by "on the scene" you mean "crammed ass to tea kettle in a sea of humanity," yes, we were certainly on the scene.