Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Newt Gingrich Marches Into Political Battle, Firing Fascist Analogies And Apocalyptic Warnings

In his early days in the nation's capital, before he toppled the 40-year Democratic hegemony in the House and became speaker, Newt Gingrich would rise at dawn, put on combat boots and take brisk, military-style walks along the Mall.

Whether he did this because he actually liked to do it or because it was good for his image (I once went along with him) is a question utterly beside the point. He was being whom he wanted to become.


The Mitt Romney campaign seems about to wet its collective pants. The other contenders -- either ineffectual or incompetent or both -- don't meet the mood of an angry GOP electorate out not just to dismantle but to destroy Obama.

Newt is marching, again.