Thursday, April 16, 2009

Bigger by the second

Over at NW Republican wingnut Coyote is having a fun time with numbers. In a post titled "An Obama rock concert?" - reference to the 75,000 people that turned out in Portland to see Obama The Decemberists - he posts picture of roughly 5,000 people in Lansing to see Joe "the Plumber" Plumber. No one said math was Coyote's strong suit.

Better, in the same post, he estimates that the crowd in Salem was 2,000. Now, one expects that a wingnut website is going to double the size of the crowd that actually shows up. Just as the cops automatically double the number of beers Coyote estimates he drank when they pull him over. Maybe he realized that in a state of 3.7 million, pulling in 2,000 people is not so impressive. What is that 5/ten-thousandths of a percent? I'm going to be honest with you, I'm not used to dealing with numbers that small, so I may be off, correct me. Or maybe Coyote remembers that Obama drew 10,000 people in Eugene - twice - so he updated his post and his number to reflect that some people were estimating there were 3,000 people there. Seconds later it was 3,200, but you know the libural media, right?

Six hours later, Coyote had that number up to 4,000. I am imagining that by this afternoon 8,000 people will have been at the Capitol yesterday loudly protesting the policies of the Bush Obama administration and calling for an end to the War tax cuts for the wealthy an increase to the capital gains tax an end to government as we know it.

Really when was the last time liberals were able to draw such a crowd? Huh? Huh? Oh yeah, that Obama rock concert.

Lex and George Will in a tree

I see that George Will has come out strong and insanely against people wearing jeans. If memory serves, and believe me it does, George is also on record opposed to men wearing shorts. I believe this makes two - count 'em TWO! - fashion policies shared by George Will and our own Lex Dexter. If Will ever comes out against men wearing sandals, then Lex will have found his soul mate.

Oh, I know that Lex is going to protest that he is not against jeans, but rather than he can't find any to fit is scrawny ass, to which I retort that none of his other pants fit him either, so I'm not sure why jeans wouldn't make the cut.

Tea Party Placards

The following slogans and screeds appeared in placard form during my ethnographic travels into le Right yesterday:
  • My President Would Be Legal
  • President Obama, Show Us Your Birth Certificate
  • Suicide By Stimulus
  • Stop Borrowing/Start Budget-Cutting
  • Terminate Expanding Authority
  • Taxation Erodes American (dream)
  • Heil Hope
  • Billions for the Bankers/Debts for the People
  • Stop Raiding Our Piggy Bank
  • Let Capitalism Work
  • Less Government = Freedom
  • Flat Tax 10%! Make It Do!
  • Somalia Pirates = US Congress
  • Comrade Obama
  • Wake Up America, Before Your Liberty is Gone
  • The Problem with Socialism is Eventually You Run Out of Other People's Money
  • Democracy is Slowly Being Eroded
  • We Hate Porky Little Amendments
  • No Nanny State: Leave Us Home in Our Sovereign State of Jefferson
  • More Common Sense/Less $ and Cents
  • Obama: the Next Chavez
  • No Taxation Without Representation
  • My Tax Dollars Go To Illegal Aliens
  • Punish Success/Reward Failure: What's Up With That?
  • Taking Everyone's Assets
  • NO to Socialism
  • Tired, Enraged American
  • Free Markets Not Freeloaders!
  • If You're Not Outraged/You're Not Paying Taxes
  • Freedom Is Not Just Another Word
  • Abortion Kills Children
  • Our Government Stole My Paycheck
  • Separation of Powers, Buckos: Big God/Small Government
  • Expensive Health Care: Michelle Obama made $350k for sitting on her a$$
  • Obama, You of All People Should Know that Pork Defiles
  • Ron Paul for President
What, you need a chaser? This knocked 'em dead in Medford.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


When a right-wing blog posts a commentary with the headline "The American Gorbachev" can expectations be so high that they are impossible to realize? No.
This piece is less of a critique and more of a comparison of two leaders of two big countries. Again, this comparison is not entirely accurate and/or scientific. I mean you can compare Bush to Brezhnev using the same template. Both invaded Afghanistan and stayed home more than they traveled. There was even a theory that the reason Brezhnev stayed home and Gorbachev traveled so much is because Brezhnev was fed from the outlet and Gorbachev worked on batteries. So, in this light, the real purpose of this comparison is more in the line of Plutarch’s ‘Parallel Lives’ of let’s say,“Alexander the king, and of Caesar, by whom Pompey was destroyed.”
Oh, and, in conclusion:
If Obama is the post American captain destined to bring our spaceship down from the position of superpower to “a normal UN sanctioned operational mode” let’s hope for a smoother landing and a sharp difference from Gorbachev who neglected the fact that one can make a nuclear submarine feel like a raw boat for only as long as it is facing an iceberg.

Fuck the police and the New York Yankees

H/t: LGM

The NYCLU is on the case.

Campeau-Laurion, the director of Web productions for a media company, attended the Aug. 26 Yankees-Red Sox game with a friend, who had a ticket package for 11 games at Yankee Stadium during the 2008 season. Campeau-Laurion had attended several of these games with his friend.

Campeau-Laurion quietly watched the game, ate a bag of peanuts and drank two beers. He decided to use the restroom at the start of the seventh-inning stretch – a period when fans often choose to use the restroom. He got up and made his way down the aisle as “God Bless America” began playing. A police officer blocked his path and indicated that he could not leave during the song. Campeau-Laurion explained that he needed to use the restroom and was not concerned about “God Bless America.” Then he attempted to walk past the officer.

Before Campeau-Laurion could take a step, the police officer grabbed his right arm and twisted it behind his back. A second officer twisted Campeau-Laurion’s left arm behind his back, and the two officers then marched him down several ramps to the stadium’s exit with his arms pinned behind his back. The officers refused to ease their grip, even though Campeau-Laurion was not resisting them.

The encounter ended with one of the officers telling Campeau-Laurion to leave the country if he didn’t like it.
What makes this worse - much, much, much worse - is that this is, apparently, the official policy of the NY Yankees.
The Yankees began playing “God Bless America” during games following 9/11, as did all Major League Baseball teams. Unlike most teams, the Yankees also instituted a policy of seeking to prevent fans from moving during the playing of the song. It did so to promote patriotism amongst those attending Yankees games.
They are evil. And so are their fans.