Thursday, April 16, 2009

Tea Party Placards

The following slogans and screeds appeared in placard form during my ethnographic travels into le Right yesterday:
  • My President Would Be Legal
  • President Obama, Show Us Your Birth Certificate
  • Suicide By Stimulus
  • Stop Borrowing/Start Budget-Cutting
  • Terminate Expanding Authority
  • Taxation Erodes American (dream)
  • Heil Hope
  • Billions for the Bankers/Debts for the People
  • Stop Raiding Our Piggy Bank
  • Let Capitalism Work
  • Less Government = Freedom
  • Flat Tax 10%! Make It Do!
  • Somalia Pirates = US Congress
  • Comrade Obama
  • Wake Up America, Before Your Liberty is Gone
  • The Problem with Socialism is Eventually You Run Out of Other People's Money
  • Democracy is Slowly Being Eroded
  • We Hate Porky Little Amendments
  • No Nanny State: Leave Us Home in Our Sovereign State of Jefferson
  • More Common Sense/Less $ and Cents
  • Obama: the Next Chavez
  • No Taxation Without Representation
  • My Tax Dollars Go To Illegal Aliens
  • Punish Success/Reward Failure: What's Up With That?
  • Taking Everyone's Assets
  • NO to Socialism
  • Tired, Enraged American
  • Free Markets Not Freeloaders!
  • If You're Not Outraged/You're Not Paying Taxes
  • Freedom Is Not Just Another Word
  • Abortion Kills Children
  • Our Government Stole My Paycheck
  • Separation of Powers, Buckos: Big God/Small Government
  • Expensive Health Care: Michelle Obama made $350k for sitting on her a$$
  • Obama, You of All People Should Know that Pork Defiles
  • Ron Paul for President
What, you need a chaser? This knocked 'em dead in Medford.


Anonymous said...

"Obama, You of All People Should Know that Pork Defiles"

Wow. I am impressed by that one.


evil r + b guy said...

Did you see "Obama, await the Queen?"

Anonymous said...

Really strange