Thursday, August 28, 2008

DNC Wednesday Nite WrapUp

Okay, these are getting increasingly less thorough as I get tired-er and you all do such an awesome, elaborate job with the real-time analysis. If anybody has any specific questions about any of this, feel free to post in the comments and I'll hold the eff forth like a sandwich-man holds forth the produce of his chrome sandwich-maker.

Some things:
  1. As Wobs and Dave discussed in the long commentary below, I had some very high highs tonight. In particular, seeing the Korean guy from Lost was hype! Not to mention Mika Brezinski (swoon) and "Morning Joe" (triple swoon). Jeepers!
  2. Seriously, though, I had a few "we can't lose" moments, but afterwards at the hotel bar (brownies and milk, thank you very much) I found myself a little bit freaked out. I am worried that about Obama's appearance after Biden's speech. Why do it, Barry? Sure, I was happy, but only after quickly repressing the thought that, shucks, it was a little like he was worried about the Clintons and/or Biden stealing "his" show. Even his attempt at explaining why his acceptance speech needs to be at a 75,000 person football arena - sure, it's because he believes in the people, okay - seemed a little control freak-y, like he wanted to preempt the GOP's criticism of him as being a self-absorbed demagogue by acknowledging that's what they were going to do, and trying to answer it in advance but instead dignifying the criticism.
  3. Yes, I am horrified about tomorrow night.
  4. Yes, the roll call drama was beautiful and chill-up-spine inducing.
  5. Yes, I am surrounded by Hillary supporters - political professionals mostly, not zealots - who are no doubt "on board," but nonetheless doing some naysaying.
  6. Dear St. Axelrod, keep playing this perfecly. Yr doing such a good job that my catholic arse can only assume there's a reckoning coming.
  7. 'Saw HRC talk at an SEIU-sponsored healthcare event avec Rendell, Strickland, Patrick, Daschle, Stern. HRC is very impressive talking about l'healthcare.


dave3544 said...

It seemed from my vantage point that Beau Biden could out speechify most of the men on stage last night, save Clinton, Biden-pere, and Obama. Not only can't many of these politicians deliver, but their speeches are poorly, poorly written. WTF?

Is that your take?

Are these side events your attending well attended? Is this what delegates do all day?

And then, are these side events winning hearts and minds or preaching to the choir? I mean are they actual wonky discussions or more of the "we need to invest in the nations health care infrastructure!" Which can be translated as "pay everyone in my union more and provide them better equipment to make their jobs easier!" Which is not to say that these things aren't true, but that most Dem delegates will already be on board.

CPS said...

was feeling the same way about the BHO appearance, thought it was just me . . .