Monday, August 25, 2008

More DNC Gab

  1. No reason not to keep your eyes trained on the Nation's DNC coverage, seeing how they themselves set a nice, inside-outside standard for supporting BHO without conflating him with the risen Christ.
  2. Oof! Tough thoughts from the Left contra Biden: both foreign and domestic.
  3. Also, Kasama has great coverage from the far Left, such as this. That said, what exactly were the gains made during the 1968 DNC that socialist/communist/anarchist/anti-globalization protesters are so hot to recreate?
  4. Another major question for BHO: will he "own" the economy issue by the time he's through convention-ing? He better, because that, women and chaps, is the whole ballgame. And if Biden helps on that score, then I'm prepared to forget about that credit card/bankruptcy vote (just as I've, uh, repressed BHO's switch on FISA.)
  5. Rules committee wrap-up featuring somebody I know.
  6. Michael Moore doing what he does best, mouthing Uncle's anti-McCain talking point #1. Actually, mebbe Uncle could produce us a White Paper contra McCain. I, for one, am still somewhat attracted by the AZ senator's "maverick" posture. It was so rebellious of him to oppose a national holiday for Martin Luther King, par example!
  7. Did I mention who I get to be in the same room with tonight?


minbx said...

What room do you mean? The boardroom or the bathroom?

minx said...

Lex, what types of business stand to benefit most from the election of Obama?