Sunday, August 24, 2008

Me and the DNC

Okay, here I am, with my traveling companion, awaiting the whole damned thing.

I have already had enough of the hand-wringing over Hillary, and I should say that EZ would be right at home with a bunch of Baby Boomer women I've met here. My traveling companion says that the Rules Committee headed off a fledgling floor fight over HRC/BHO...but I think there are plenty of histrionics still in store.

On the positive side, there is some amazing wonkishness awaiting me, including this Main Event on Tuesday.

Today? Diss. work/Pool/Schmoozing/and, apparently, an AFL-CIO event. No grievances to organize for a whole 5 days, but plenty of a-nerding to do.


dave3544 said...

I am, of course, demanding as many souvenirs as you can carry. Hell, I'll pay shipping if necessary.

You know my sense of humor enough to know that anything unintentionally hilarious is something I want.

EZ said...

Hey man, I got no problem with baby boomer women, unlike BHO:
Obama Winning Women Voters, but Margin Slimmest Among Baby Boomers

Was your encounter anything like this?
"On my shuttle to the hotel, I encountered a storm of another kind: an Obama delegate from Illinois and a Clinton delegate from Massachusetts. When she said she was a Hillary delegate, the Obama delegate said facetiously: "Oh they're letting you in here, are they?" She retorted (in a friendly but stern way): "That's what's wrong with Obama folks. You're not reaching out to the Hillary people." It was the second time in as many days that I'd heard the same complaint from a Hillary supporter. Whether it's true or not, the perception is there and it needs to be addressed. I hope they're on it."

Me too....

Anonymous said...

Denver is famous for the organization of its grievances.

I am sure if you filed a properly organized grievance, the arbitrator would award you the appropriate remedy.

wobblie said...

And we wonder why the Ds find it so easy to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory...