Tuesday, August 26, 2008

More DNC Gab

  • Here's the always interesting, must-read Washington Note with a more positive spin on Biden's foreign policy CV.
  • Tom Hayden predicts Obama will lose. Does anybody care? I dunno, but note the references to the violence on the Denver streets.
  • The good people at Venezuela Analysis are hoping that........Obama's election means a change in the USA's Latin American policy.
  • Did I mention we love us some Rachel Maddow in Me-burg?
  • Unlike James Carville, Chris Cilizza seems to grasp what Michelle O's address was actually about.
  • 10 sins of the Father (i.e., John Kerry) that BHO mustn't repeat.
  • Ted Kennedy as Ulysses? Maybe I just take my comparisons to "the big U" more seriously than others.

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