Monday, August 25, 2008

In Advance of Le Speech

What say you?
  1. Will we hear the "Yes, We Can" chant from BHO on Thursday nite, or is that a little bit too 'movement-y' for the General Election? Has he tamped down the Cesar Chavez-inspired credo because he doesn't want to overuse it, or because he thinks a black man leading throngs of supporters in an act of empowering self-affirmation is a little too too? Coming as it is on the anniversary of "I Have a Dream," to what extent will the speech try to harness the civil rights legacy, and how sanitized will representations of said movement be?
  2. Will Iraq be referred to as "a war that should have never been authorized and should have never been waged," or will that sort of outright denunciation be curtailed?
  3. Will Hugo Chavez be referred to in the same breath as Ahmadinejad? You know I love it when them Democrats do that.


wobblie said...

1. I'm going to say no. Thursday's the night to roll out a new message. I'm sure the spontaneous "Yes we cans" will be heard, but I think we're in for some significant new branding.

2. Any condemnation of the war will be strong. The question is, however, given how little it's been talked about as of late, will it be given a marquee slot in the speech?

3. Unfortunately, I'm going to have to go with yes. They're the only two "dictators" that are well-known enough (and non-threatening enough - you can't go around offending Putin!) to spotlight and denounce - even if neither of them are "dictators" in any sense of the word.

dave3544 said...

Oh, I'd imagine we'll get some Russia bashing. Along the lines of "Iraq War bad idea, because we can't talk tough to Russia." Hopefully, we may have a Dem candidate who knows enough to avoid referring to the UN.