Saturday, August 23, 2008

20 Proof Ranting

Every Republican talking point from the last nine months distilled into one letter to the editor.

McCain would be best president

I want to encourage people to vote for John McCain for president. He has the maturity, political, military and foreign policy experience needed by a president of the United States.

He supports school vouchers and has the morals for the job. I think McCain’s support for offshore drilling and affordable nuclear energy are good. I also like his wife for her charity work and loyalty to our country.

Barack Obama has none of the above experience. His record is so thin that it barely exists. What record he does have has qualified him as the most liberal member of Congress. He is not loyal or patriotic to the United States. I am thinking about his lack of loyalty in not wanting to wear a flag pin and taking the U.S. flag symbol off his airplane.

He has made major flip-flops on positions during his campaign. I doubt his Christianity, and I think he would say anything to be president. He has talked bad about his white grandmother and threw out his pastor when it was going to hurt his symbolism. When he spoke to the Germans, he sounded like “one worldism.”

After four years of him “remaking” our nation, the people would have lower morals, bad judges would be appointed, we would have higher taxes, the national debt would be higher and there would be more government regulations.

Please support McCain for president.

Carolyn Webb


I think someone missed the takeaway message of Tropic Thunder.


gabbagabbahey said...

"one worldism"? I've missed this part of American politics... how many worlds do you think there are?

and as for talking to "the Germans"... is this person stuck in 1958?

- a confused European liberal

dave3544 said...


I case you really are confused..."one worldism" is code for "letting the UN tell the US what to do." There are millions of Americans that believe that the Democrats main aim is to turn US sovereignty over to a world government that would strive to make us more like the French.

gabbagabbahey said...

thanks, I hadn't heard that one before. We kinda have that attitude over here (Ireland, specifically) too. just replace 'UN' with 'EU' and 'one-worldism' with 'federalism'. (and probably keep the French bit, too!)