Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Westlund Is Finished

I'm on the Oregon Republican mailing list, so this was waiting for me in my in-box.

Oregon State Treasurer Candidate, Allen Alley, just received the endorsement of one of the most influential agriculture groups, AG-PAC. The AG-PAC organization supports candidates committed to a healthy agriculture and forestry based [sic] economy.

Not only is Allen Alley getting the backing of the agriculture community, but also with the bankers! Alley just received financial support from the Oregon Bankers Association.

To keep up with Allen Alley’s campaign, visit www.friendsofallenalley.com.
That's right, the Republican has picked up the endorsement of big agriculture, big forestry, and the bankers! That's triangulation my friends.


Anonymous said...

hahahaha! Great title... made me jump. (It's a joke, son.)

Maybe good to remind readers of the super-long list of endorsements Westlund has... not only organizations but elected officials from BOTH sides of the aisle, plus THREE POLITICAL PARTIES!


THAT'S triangulation. :)

Lips Dexter said...


we are just honored to have curious Westlund staffers poking in to let us know what's what on the "Political Education" front.

suffice it to say that we at the OG remember very well the services rendered unto Oregon by then-Independent Senator Westlund in 2006. back then, Senator Ben debated Don McIntire - statewide - on the issue of Measure 48, the so-called Rainy Day Amendment. he did so with gusto, zest, elan, brio, verve, etc. and we appreciate that.

'glad you all are outfitted with the BlogSearch software necessary for getting the word out there, tho. two of us are very good at attracting the UnionFacts Guy's attention, apparently.


and hooray for OR's multipartite executive branch! how very capital-P Progressive of us!