Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Calling the Sewanee Caucus! Roll Call, pls

subtitled, i went to a "good" college 29

kay, so here's the score. i am confused re: who is and who is not reading Organizing Grievances. more specifically, who isn't reading this blog that used to read my other blog, the Prisonship? why not? is it you, or is it me?

let me explain my confusion (vanity, narcissism), and why it's important that you pay some attention to this matter. i am baffled, looking back and seeing that there were times when the old blog had as much as 380 hits/day, and that the "
oh-gee" - which adds a bunch of intelligent, good-looking people into the mix - is languishing at about 56/day.

anyway, i'd like to start with my friends in the Dixie/Vandy/Sewanee/W+L* milieu... are you out there? identify yourself and share your thoughts.
seriously, who are you? how?

(*of course i don't actually enjoy membership in any kind of 'W+L milieu,' but i am allowed to dream and desire for social status in this country, no?)


robes said...

i'm here, you tit.

andrew, tn said...

i am here, accounting for a dozen or so hits a day. thanks for the political / cultural insight!
for the blog folks i don't know (everyone save Pat), "Hi! I'm Andrew. I work for TNC in Knoxville. I like Obama, the Hold Steady, pizza, and women. Here is my blogsport for cross reference:"

minx said...

I've been out of the office for a few. But I think everyone is aware of me. I'm the blond guy pictured above with Morty. Always call me minx.

elvira said...

well, I have not been keeping up with the grievances most of the time to be honest. I noticed that many of my friends (who are also your friends) started sputtering in their blog output with some going by the wayside altogether. I think I've made one post to my own blog this summer. I think the momentum has dwindled a bit or a lot behind the community of blogging comrades with whom I associate. I'd love to see it pick back up. Somehow I never made the full jump from the Prisonship, though I do check in here occasionally. I appreciated the old spot's concentrated dose of Lex Dexter, my old pal.

Morty said...

I've been reading it. Quit milking yourself.


brown beard said...


yerobain said...

-Jordan ("yerobain", "jerobaim", "jerry", "not the Jordan from Deke falcon", etc)

Lips Dexter said...


Keep milking YOURself, meat-paste! - p

shefflish said...

I'm here, but less often than at ye olde prison ship. I have no excuse, I guess I prefer my dose of Lex in concentrated form. Plus I've been busy milking Morty.