Saturday, August 23, 2008


Hopefully my friends at AFT are pissing their pants with joy.

I did some surfing in the comments of the netroots. The funniest comment I saw was largely incoherent, but the gist was that the selection of Biden is a tired selection and indicates that Obama is starting to realize that he just doesn't have what it takes to be president. This is, of course, good news, because it a further proof that he is close to dropping out of the race and givng the nod to Hillary, the only person on the planet who can defeat McCain.

I got my text at 1:03 am, or actually 7:18 am when I got out of bed. After seeing the headline of the paper. The texting was an interesting idea, but was never going to work. I give the campaign credit for trying something new and to give a little something to the supporters. (Looking at that last comment, I realize that unless you were reading comments where people were bitching about getting at text at 4 am when they were "promised" it wouldn't come before 6 am, or that it came after CNN was reporting the selction, my defense of the campaign might seem weird. As if you didn't know, the netroots expect the world.)

Let's see what Biden's got going. I predict that the media wil be so eagar to catch him in a gaffe that they will jump the gun and maybe we'll have a positive bounce from that...I'm thinking the Obama overplaying the "race card" brewhaha.

What do you got? Pumped up? Gonna watch at nooner? All in, we're gonna win!


lex dexter said...

the pick makes more sense to me every minute.

he's got passion, gravitas, "working-class appeal..." and he will emasculate the politics of john mccain with a pleasant smile on his face.

but mebbe it's just that i'm sitting at the gate en route to denver, and turning into a total mark for obama.

brown beard said...

You mean Barack America?

dave3544 said...

I caught that too. I'm sure the wingnuts will find it very revealing.