Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Around The Horn

2(.5) Unconditional Print-Periodical Endorsements.
- The American Prospect houses Dean Baker's essential Beat the Press - but also, so much more! Par example, check out this profile of Obama's (Gang of) 15 staffers, and this really intelligent meditation on Georgia, Russia, the USA and NATO.

- Meanwhile, to say what goes without saying...I read the print Nation AND I subscribe to its many blogs and feeds. Sometimes it's embarassing to feel like your personal politics are being writ large in a single magazine...but most of the time it's just amazing to know you can count on Katha Pollitt, Doug Henwood and sooo many others holding forth in one pretty public space. Here's recent feature's elaborating upon the - i dunno? - crap "organizing" model of MoveOn and the decidedly not crap, almost Michelle Obama-level awesomeness that is Rachel Maddow. (Did I mention that Rachel Maddow is a borderline unconditional endorsee? She'd be the first cable tv personality to win this praise from me. Although I am getting kinda turned on by this guy:

More Moosic.

  • We've got some classic, upper-echelon, multimedia music posts coming down lately, folks.
  • First, ZenandtheArtofFacePunching has made up for my sinful, arrogant dismissal of HeartattaCk magazine in the 1990s. After a really well-written bit, we are treated to really well-designed pdfs of classic original zine reviews, AND download links to the classic albs in question. I am lucky that so many people care about all of this music that means so much to me. The creepiness and nerdiness of this blog's graphic design totally rises to the level of the music it's presenting. Congratulations to you, sir!
  • Secondly, HardCoreforNerds avails us of the genre-defining 'screamo' outfit and Gravity Records peers, SwingKids. Therein, our narrator engages in some intense debates about emo nomenclature and the state of the canon. I love this game! And more importantly, I think I understand the lay of the land even better now.
  • Thirdly, no less a rock critic than the Detailed Twang MotherEffer treats us to a Come 7" that even I - unabashed Mr. 'my life was changed by the Grifters and Come' Guy - had never heard. If you've ever wondered about this band or maybe even vaguely remember 'em, check this link out. As mentioned, this guy's multiple writings on Come are very wise, and the band itself is as great as the greatest Slint or Sonic Youth or Son Volt, in my mind.
deep background.
fans of the mighty Bleachy and Earles and Jensen's most vaunted alb, entitled Just Farr a Laugh, will probably want to check out this hilarious Andrew Earles piece for Cracked.

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gabbagabbahey said...

hey, feel free to join the debate about emo nomenclature yourself. It's the burning academic question of my age!