Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Who You Got?

I won't set up a poll, as that is EZ's domain, but I thought I'd take the temperature.

Who do you have for VP? Kaine, Bayh, Biden, or surprise fourth candidate?

Vote in the comments.


dave3544 said...

Biden. He's who I want (given the choices) and who I think he will select.

Lips Dexter said...

ditto Joe, as enthusiastically asserted many times previous. - p

ah, joe - from the chasepack to the veepstakes!

EZ said...

Let’s see Joe Biden….sounds familiar… is he a senator?

Voted for:
Patriot act
Reauthorization of same
Border fence
Iraq war
75 million in abstinence funding
Drug Czar office
Stronger sentences for drug offenses
More capital offenses

Voted against:
Any public funding for abortion
Funding for Amtrak

plagiarized law school paper, but not malevolently.
Took speech from British lawmaker, forced to withdraw from 88 race.

This is just a poorly sourced and cobbled together list (source) but it begins to scratch the surface of my dislike for this guy.

Of course, BHO couldn’t pick Hill, because she represents the status quo and would work against the Change meme, but Biden, who has served as part of the elite ruling class since 1972….he is real change…. Give me a break!

Anonymous said...

Biden it is...best choice given the names floated

ash said...


Mike3550 said...

I worry that Biden has a penchant for saying dumb things. No, I mean it, really stupid things. No, no, really, really boneheaded things.

brown beard said...