Monday, November 17, 2008

Sonics, Funnies Horn Circumambulated

  1. SCORE! Merge is 20! I must own this boxed set, if only as penance for being such a Superchunk-a-dummy, and of course for the Scharpling and Wurster materials.
  2. Andrew Earles has won himself a long-due place on my "everyday reads" blogroll. Need proof? Note his forthcoming Hüsker Dü book, his hipping me to the new Unsolved Mysteries series, and of course this insane spree on Matador Records' Matablog.
  3. Patton Oswalt is writing a book?!?
  4. So happy, so honored to see Gabba citing the OG as he goes about his own mode of politico-punk exposition. And god knows I cannot wait for that Hoover 7" to be upped.
  5. Oh, and seriously... no love for Wobs' fab Sat5 survey?

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