Sunday, November 16, 2008

A lesson in the improper attribution of causality and demographics

From the comments (Nov. 16, 5:07 AM) of an article posted at the hilariously mistitled American Thinker:

I live in an Atl, GA suburban county voted in the same precinct for the last 16 years. My County is 68% White, 16% Black and 16% minority mix of hispanic, oriental, hindu and muslim.

In the last 5 years three muslim mosques and one gigantic Hindu World Temple have been built within 1 mile radius of my residence. The property values have dropped here nearly 75% in that same time period.

(h/t Sadly, No!)


dave3544 said...

I've seen this one before. It seems to be a meme among a certain set that if an non-Judeo-Christian house of worship is located in your neighborhood, then your property values will plummet.

Obviously, this notion is just used as a hook so bigots have a "reason" to oppose the location of these buildings near them.

wobblie said...

I'm just loving that the meme is completely divorced from the reality that their property was ridiculously overvalued in the first place. Noticeably absent in these discussions is any awareness of the housing bubble.

lex dexter said...

housing bubble? what does that have to do with various Yankees, minorities' and unions ruining our way of life?