Friday, November 21, 2008

Mournful OG Horn

Hugo Chávez and the U.S. Media |
finally, the frame analysis I've been looking for. Here's Jules Boykoff's shorter, summary version of an article soon-to-appear in New Political Science. methodologically this is very similar to what Chris Martin does for unions in the very excellent Framed, and by extension very similar to some ground i'll be a-covering in the diss.

The End of Wall Street's Boom - National Business News -
tell your parents to read this. definitive.

It's Time to Give Voters the Liberalism They Want -
Thomas Frank on EFCA and so much more.

NW Republican: Joni Mitchell has a thing for the Coyote
(for Brown Beard, who wondered if I've stopped following NW Repub becuz I dropped 'em from the blogroll. I should make some qualifications about the blogroll, btw. In reality I have way more "everyday reads" than those captured in my tiny list below and to the right. In fact, both my Thunderbird RSS and Google Desktop receive feeds from many, many places just as, uh "essential" to my, uh, "worldview." In fact, the "everyday reads" list is the most fickle, least informative glimpse of the three. Obviously I read the Bellman, North Country and Courtney, par example - but they're already mentioned in my (former) co-authors' lists, so it'd be redundnant to namedrop 'em again. Also I try to limit the blogroll - with the exception of RK's - to either my most current fetishes (these shift) or to blogs that I absolutely do read every damned day like First Read, et. al. So that's that. Now that this blog's on the brink of oblivion I thought I'd clarify that.)

Anywho... So I guess the NW Republican author fancies himself a coyote. And I guess he just discovered this unlikely confessionial tale of Joni M's that I first heard at 9 years old, cuz my dad was obsessed with his VHS copy of The Last Waltz. It was weirdly formative, this song, which is by the way entitled "coyote," (hence the crossover), weirdly formative on my 9 year-old ideas of what grown-up relationships were like. All women are rockers and men are ranch hands, I guess. Sure. What do you want me to say?

Al Jazeera Interview with Evo Morales « Kasama

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Didn't sound like Evo had any love for Obama.