Friday, November 21, 2008

Rooting for Pat Buchanan? "Economic Nationalism"

I hope some of you will tough out the full 11+ minutes here, because I need to share it with somebody. Pretty unusual for Matthews to get to moderate between far-right types - one a libertarian, the other a, uh, Pat Buchanan - and you can tell he's enjoying himself.

What do you think? There may be a moment or two where Pat B. is "right for the wrong reasons," but his is a really powerful pro-bailout argument, no? And when Pat goes after the Heritage Foundation towards the end? This is the sort of television I should hope to be watching while I quietly (but not joylessly) die.


lex dexter said...

i love how in an 11-minute conversation about the bailout between right-wingers, JOBS don't come up until the 9:00 mark.

buchanan laments, "we got more guys working in GOVERNMENT now than we do in MANUFACTURING." that's gotta be particularly hard for Pat, who has been in government, himself, but who nonetheless mostly parades on a nixon/reagan-style anti-welfare-state platform.

"Economic Patriotism" is a weird frame.

dr said...

Notice that it's Matthews (a self-identified liberal) who brought up jobs.