Monday, November 17, 2008

Take That, You Mainstream Science Guys!

When I arrived on campus today, I noticed that the ubiquitous green newspaper boxes that normally carry a daily dose of college newspaper goodness were empty or still sporting last Friday's edition. Thinking that the kids at the Daily Emerald must have screwed the pooch and not gotten an edition out, I headed over to the webpage for some sort of explanation.

There is no apology for not getting the edition out, nor any overt explanation as to why there are no hard copies available in the boxes, but today's top story might provide some clues.

A Global farce?
A number of researchers say that despite public opinion, global warming may be a result of natural causes

That's right, it appears that the Emerald has come out against human-caused global warming.

All I can say is, WTF? No wonder they don't want to print that shit.


wobblie said...

Is it possible that the issues were stolen? I mean, it seems like small potatoes that the Emerald would lend credence to global warming deniers, and an article like that could be easily refuted and/or mocked, but I also know that UO does sport a contingent of so-called radicals who have no problem censoring views they don't like.

dave3544 said...

Except that there were a few boxes with last Friday's issue. i think they didn't really distribute this issue.

wobblie said...

Weird. But that is the Emerald for ya...