Saturday, November 15, 2008

Sat 5: Guilty viewing edition

When you're alone, you know there are DVD's you pop in that you don't necessarily want others to know how much you love. Share your favorite guilty viewing pleasures.

1. Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan - Yes, I'm a Star Trek geek. Yes, this movie is teh awesome. KHAAAAAAAAAAAAAN!
2. Jackass - Both of them. I suppose there's something timeless about the comedic tradition of getting kicked in the nuts and other pratfalls. I'm eagerly awaiting Jackass III.
3. Half Baked - I still enjoy a stoner comedy, and one starring Dave Chappelle and featuring some awesome cameos (Willie Nelson! Jon Stewart!) really floats my boat.
4. Zoolander - Ben Stiller's finest role, or something.
5. Popeye - I actually know the words to many of the songs in this flick.

Embarrass yourself below.


lex dexter said...

Chosen pretty randomly, coulda been a totally different set if you caught me at a different time/place.

Jaws 2... the only halfway respectable sequel in the Shark franchise, parce que it maintained Roy Scheider and Lorraine Gary. Also that water-skier attack is rad! And I can't help it, I'm a sucker for the reprise of Amity et. al. The original is prolly my "favorite" movie of all time, certainly the movie I've watched the most.

Rocky 2... Because of the vibe, and, again, the semi-charming pretense and the semic-charming affect that accompany Stallone's attempt to keep it in the "drama" category for the first hour. The theme music that plays during the opening Ambulance sequence is perfect, to me. I've been trying to figure out who did it forever.

Cannonball Run (2?)... Roger Moore? Forget Moore, I need "more" absurd car race ensemble comedy! Do I, though?

Airplane 2... 'Saw this the other day and lord was it worse than I remembered! Ouch. Sonny Bono?

The French Connection 2...Yet again, well-intentioned, i'll-suited shreds of artistic "dignity" are what make sequels sequels in my mind. This gem features Gene Hackman (aka "Popeye Doyle") being made addicted to heroin, and culminates in a "withdrawal" sequence that reaches new heights in the Method-Acting, testosterone sweepstakes everybody digs from the 1970s.

(NEVER Caddyshack 2)!

evil r + b guy said...

Here's my only selection for now:

1. Beavis and Butthead episodes: these are "special" experiences for me, best viewed with fellow conspirators as opposed to the ladies -- they don't seem to laugh at the parts I do... or anything else in the clips, for that matter. The stereotypes are especially apropos to me: the hippie teacher, the hard-ass gym guy, the wastoid older kid Todd, etc.

dave3544 said...

My tv and movie choices are pretty-well known. Plus, I don't really throw anything on the dvd platter, as much as i channel surf to find something on. Here's an attempt, though. These thing usually stop the clicker for me.

1. The Austin Powers movies. I understand some people no likey. I don't understand these people.

2. The Scooby Doo movies. Ging and I have spent too many Saturday nights watching these things on the ABC family channel. We watch them without the kid, as she finds them lame.

3. The Hunt for Red October. The only part of this movie I won't tune into is the last twenty minutes with the shoot out. Otherwise i get hooked in any time. Now scenes have a special something, knowing that a decent portion of the GOP intelligencia put all their hopes on Fred Thompson as little as a year ago. With outside the box thinking like that, we'll be in power for a long time.

4. Old Oregon football games. I can rewatch an Oregon victory anytime, especially 2002 against Michigan or 2001 against Colorado.

5. Old Match Game. If I can find it. I seemed to be hitting my sweet spot (an open whole on my regular tv watching schedule), but now I don't see it so much any more. Plus, we can't let the kid watch it, as it is a bit too racy, which is all kinds of fucked up.

Wilbur said...

JAWS 2, Patty-Joe? How's about the one they did in 3D? That's JAWS 3(D). In that one, JAWS attacks Sea-World. It was great, but I don't think I got the full effect since I rented it (more like begged my Dad to rent it for me) at Blockbuster rather than seeing it in the theater (with the glasses). Speaking of 3-D movies, I suppose I'll fess up to watching "Captain Eo" at Disneyworld's Epcot Center when I was a kid. I watched it until I got too freaked out, then I asked my parents if we could leave. They let me without much of a fuss, even though I think the tickets to see the King of Pop's Disneyworld production were prolly pretty expensive. I don't know I would have done the same if I had a kid that wanted to walk out on old "Captain Eo" - trauma builds character, ya know...