Sunday, October 12, 2008

nobody here but me

actually, my new supervisors have come in and out today (Sun.) it's weird to: go somewhere seeking utter silence; get cocky about having it; and then be interrupted and placed into a series of hat-in-hand, earnest-young-lad-style send-ups. one is reminded of Catholic school.

i went out for a plate of eggs a moment ago - something i feel like doing less and less since about 2000. that said, i went to a place that's about the closest thing Eugene has to the Wafflehouse. there's something about academic stress and spray-on butter substitutes that go together in my head like tax cuts and union-busting go together for all the Good-Time-Charlies sur le Right.

otherwise everything's fine here in the prospectus box. we're just sighing, and blogging, as a way of recognizing the passage of time.

and special thanks to minx (a.k.a. 'evil r + b guy," a.k.a. "the Rugged Child") for all of his verbal moral support.

also, looking fwd to an afternoon "express" summit conference w/robes (pic. above, circa 1998) before i unfurl my Research Program, flap it around, then hold it down with tent spikes.
Every day at work, activists and organizers in Oregon’s public-service unions confront two definitive symptoms of neoliberal political life: the privatization of once-public services and the dramatic reduction in overall union membership that have occurred since the 1970s. Theorists of neoliberalism cite privatization and union decline as two key developments within the U.S. political economy that have accompanied the era’s characteristic upward redistribution of wealth and the overall political and ideological “delegitimization of of Keynesian assumptions and policies underlying redistribution” (Baker 2007; Morgen 2008)...


evil r + b guy said...

you no frisbee, lootha!

robes said...

frisbee for vayne-rolls!