Thursday, October 16, 2008

New Poll - Best Movie of 1984

Jesus, we love Prince.

That poll was done, as Bruce couldn't get much love and we seem to disagree with the Grammy voters who declared Lionel Richie the champ that year.

Let's see if we can get some action on the best movie of 1984. I have a feeling we're not going to be marching lock-step with the Academy on this one, as they went for Amadeus.

I usually know the right answer before I put the poll up. This time, I have no idea who I am going to vote for.

Please pass the poll on to your friends. I'd hate to see a nine way split with two votes each.


ginger said...

Spinal Tap is the movie that stands the test of time the best on that list. It is still hilarious and very topical. said...

(bump) hot dog? i didn't know that malone lurked on the OG...
won't you show your face?

btw, a vote against red dawn is a vote for terrorists.

remember that.

Anonymous said...


chad said...

First, the music:

I was one of the Bruce voters. It was a toss up between that and Purple Rain. I thought about it and figured the album that blew me away in 1984 was Born in the USA. If I were answering based upon which album I would most want to listen now (or have listened to most recently) the clear winner is Purple Rain. Springsteen remains the sentimental pick for me though, as my first concert was Springsteen on the Born in the USA tour at the Pontiac Silverdome.

Anon 2:47, you have earned my undying respect (if only I who I am respecting). In boot camp my platoon's senior drill instructor nicknamed our platoon the Wolverines after the movie. He made us go out and do exercises in this dusty red dirt at sundown, kick up a bunch of dust and yell "Wolverines!"

Having said all that, I'm not falling for the sentimental pick this time around. I'm going with This is Spinal Tap.