Saturday, September 6, 2008

Sábado cinquo

We're entering the home stretch of the 2008 election, so I thought it appropriate we cast our eye back on the last few months years of the primary contest and enumerate our five favorite also-rans - and by favorite I mean the ones we loved-to-love and, more significantly, we loved-to-hate. Here's mine:

5. Mittens - Mostly I miss the hair, but honestly, he was a punching bag par excellence.
4. Mike Gravel - A cranky old man with a sense of humor and the most surreal pr campaign evuh!
3. Huck! - A cuter, cuddlier conservative. The man jammed out the bass to 70's arena rawk tunes and almost made me believe he actually cared for people.
2. Ron Paul - The Ron Paul Blimp was absolute gold. And here's to the Paultards wreaking further havoc on this election.
1. Dennis Kucinich - Nuff said.

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lex dexter said...

ooh, you beat me to the ChasePack Sat5, cinnabon!

5) Mitt Romney - Was it Ani Difranco or Andy Stern who said, "Don't Mourn - Organize"? Prishonship readers and Eugene show-goers will remember my enduring fondness ( for Mitt Romney, and my stated aim of incorporating the first ever "Trots for Romney" chapter. Well it'll happen, friends, as we all know that Mitt'll be lighting up pundit shows and 2012 primaries for years to come. Long may he run!

4) Chris Dodd: Joe Biden having been enraptured into the final lap, let's have a round of applause for the senior senator from CT, who brought senatorial gravitas to many debates, and had the balls to do the right thing with the FISA filibuster.

3)Tom Tancredo: That debate in which he talked about accepting JC as his personal lord/savior is a moment that I'll treasure and quake over for years to come.

2)Alan Keyes: He was in that one GOP debate in Iowa, remember? This man was born to run (and lose).

1)John Edwards. Adulterer or no, his campaign changed my understanding of what it was possible to do within the Democratic Party. (Well, him and Cinnabon.) And I continue to believe his performance at that debate in Philly helped wear HRC down to the point of making the fourth-quarter breakdown re: driver's licenses.

And an Honorable Mention - not that she's "dead" yet - to Cynthia Mckinney. 2 years of careful amateur study of the far left have me absolutely transfixed upon the coalition of Trots and Greens behind her Reconstruction-centered platform. Will anybody ever let her on the television?

lex dexter said...

we may need to bump this...I can't believe Uncle Dave doesn't have a contribution to this debate.