Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Primer: Labor, (almost) right this second

This much good labor writing, within 72 hours?
  1. Wow, check out Chris Hayes' thoughtful take on the "pro-labor" Republican event and SEIU's "Take Back Labor Day" concert feat. Andy "is healthcare in the house?" Stern and Tom Morello*.
  2. Then chase it with Ezra Klein's very sage distillation of the SEIU/UHW struggle (ed - link updated after Wobs' heads-up - thanks Wobs.)
  3. Then, for a local dessert, check this R-G profile of Lane County's labor day festivities, and our AFT brother's, uh, pretty plain dismissal of EFCA.
* Btw, an anlaogy - Andy Stern is to Walter Reuther what Tom Morello is to Guy Picciotto...

* Btw, pt 2. Have you all seen "American Rights At Work"'s pro-EFCA ad on the cable channels? As far as I know, this is the first time labor has gone to a "fight television ads with television ads" strategy over the proposed bill. Three months before the pres. election, and almost half a year from the soonest possible moment during which the 2009 Congress could pass it; amidst a hard-fought, historic presidential race and all of the down ballot business, both unions and business are trying to get their brands/frames out around this issue? Can you imagine what kind of a Senate fight we're in for if this thing were ever to make it to the floor with an ice cube's chance in hell?


wobblie said...

I think you might've linked to the wrong Ezra article.

lex dexter said...

i'm on it.