Monday, April 27, 2009


Lex has been repping the Wings for awhile now and I have been listening. I gotta ask though, is Wings what happens when there is no one to say "no"? That's my take on it. Not that I don't dig the whatever goes approach to music, but I'm just wondering if that's the general take on it.

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lex dexter said...

Wings is totally a portrait of "industry" excess and Paul and Linda's saccharine, vegetarian fantasies: that's the ruling presumption, anyway.

I can only vouch for _Ram_, _Band On the Run_ and the lesser-known _Wild Life_: I'm just trying to learn some things for myself. Unburdened by my natural inclination towards waifish, pretentious martyr figures like Lennon, I am prepared to re-engage Paul.

Don't hate the Lex, hate the game.