Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Goddammit, them's fightin' words

But, as a rule, if you’re really in the mood to see blood spilled, take advantage of your right to free speech by taking a position on the first amendment. For instance, there are those who argue there should be absolutely no limits on free speech, even when it comes to pornography, blasphemy or sedition.


solidcitizen said...

google is DEFINITELY on board with obama. googles top execs are already trying to figure out ways to control how electricity is doled out to the public and obama is so ready for it. Just another way to control what the population can and can not do.

gabbagabbahey said...

'fuck jesus christ, the commie-lovin' bastard'

how's that for covering all three?
I just wanted to say that, after I read today about the possibility of an Irish blasphemy law.

funny, it's not as enjoyable writing that down as I thought it might be. obviously I have too many inhibitions.