Wednesday, April 29, 2009

100 Days and Life to Go -- Thoughts?

We should be mindful, and critical, of even the best-written of the leading liberal fantasy-'profiles' of Obama.

Also: whatever their imbrication w/i a vast, world-statist conspiracy may be...the Politico's done us a service by compiling these 165 vids of the first 100 days.

BHO at 100 Days: C/NC? Step to it.


solidcitizen said...


Opportunities missed. Still way, way too worried about "bipartisanship." The bank bailouts could have been done better. Nothing on civil rights - the Iowa Supreme Court is out ahead of Obama on this. I could go on.

Obama is about as good as we could expect, but, personally, it's not what I want.

lex dexter said...

The Stimulus article - link above - implies that the Recovery and Reinvestment Act adventures were the beginning and the end of the 'bipartisnanship frame.' Luckily, the Specter move speaks louder to BHO's consensus-centric frame than any 'bipartisan' gesturing the White House could hope to do.

solidcitizen said...

You're not asserting that the Specter move means anything other than Arlen wants to continue to be a Senator are you?

Anonymous said...

not crap, at times perilously walking on the edge of the crap void.

The Iowa Supreme Court has a heckuva a lot smaller and fewer fish to fry than the President at current.

"bipartisanship" hasn't necessarily meant much -no complaints here-, he has been inclusive with "moderate republicans", which is to say they are the fraction of those who aren't attending tea parties or religiously watching Fox News. He has not been so big-tenty as to include the 'fair tax' (as just one example) in the debate. The extreme wing of the Republican Party is still on the outside looking in.

Its clear that Arlen's switch was reed-in-the-wind political opportunism. However, the larger point is that the views of republican party have drifted so far to the right that 1000s of moderate republicans have jumped ship there. Now a moderate republican senator of some 20+ years has zero shot to win a primary in PA.

Change? I dunno, but its something.


Anonymous said...

clarification - I meant that 'bipartisanship" hasn't let in the crazies. i am still not terribly pleased abt the watering down of some policies (stimulus, mainly) due to inclusion of the moderates, but y'know, he's a pragmatist (at least thats what CNN tells me)-Jason