Thursday, April 23, 2009

The New Ellroy is Coming, 9/22

Dear Booksellers,

In all its mellifluous and macho-maimed magnificence: my new novel, Blood's A Rover.

Knopf will drop this atom bomb of a book on you September 22. Your job is to groove it and grok its groin-grabbing gravity between now and then. From that point on: you handsell it to the book-buying public; I appear at your store and drive legions of my fans and your customers nuts; we all make out and give publishing a cash-cascading and profit-pronging boost in a bum marketplace!!!

Dig it!!!!!

The novel covers 1968-1972. It's a baaaaaad-ass historical romance -- huge in scope, deep in its exploration of the era, filled with my trademark craaaaazy shit, and suffused with a heightened sense of belief and the corollaries of political conversation and revolution. Oh, yeah -- this is a book for these times!

You've got Howard "Dracula" Hughes, Gay Edgar Hoover, and Tricky Dick Nixon. You've got the mob's evil eyes scoping the Dominican Republic. You've got voodoo in Haiti, a vicisiou armored-car heist, and the Feds out to deep-sixi the black militant movement. More than anything else, you've got three obsessed right-wing toadies grapping with the horror of their misdeeds - and seeking redemption in the peron of my greatest female character: The Red Goddess Joan.

Read this book.

Grab its greatness.

Find me on Facebook and let me know what you think (post on my wall!)

Yours truly,

James Ellroy
(h/t: Sarah Weinman)


tad said...

When did James Ellroy Bcome Harlan Ellison?! From the title 2 the way this blurb is written, Ellroy has obviously bn possessed by Ellison's mid-'70's personality -- & I LIKE Ellroy! & Ellison! WTF? Ellroy's BLACK DAHLIA, L.A. CONFIDENTIAL & BIG NOWHERE R all BRILLIANT! But this blurb sounds JUST LIKE Harlan Ellison (brilliant SF/fantasy writer, especially from '65 2 '75) in about 1972, & BLOOD'S A ROVER was a book title Ellison was gonna use B4 he burned-out & got old. So: Is it me? Is it the drugz? Could it B both? More Dtails, please...?
-- TAD.

Anonymous said...

Ellroy was out here promoting Bush for som many years...his kinda guy...I love his writing but he has gotten so cliche-ish since White Jazz... and the politics, I could cre less..but I think it has confused his line...Jomes, yeah, maybe you should become a lutheran minister...not trying to be hard here, but the tough guy stuff and republicanism is just getting are repeating yourself...find that vital line you had earlier...stop being so sure of yourself....can you do that? I hope so as I like your writing...get with the new jazz motherfucker...

Anonymous said...

just so Ellroy when he read this does not blow me off...let me, james...sorry for the bad fingers...I mean what I feel as a reader, you lost something and are a great writer...your Bush bullshit was not funny...we don't need a new era like that for your material...learn some new might be better off for it...if you remember your old speed days, you will get my meaning...

dave3544 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
solidcitizen said...

I like the thought that Ellroy is reading the OG. I mean it terrifies me and fascinates me at the same time. Kind of like reading My Dark Places.

Anonymous said...

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