Wednesday, February 4, 2009

WTF is up w/Solis Nomination

new story in the LAT about the Solis nomination and card check.

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce, a leading business lobby, outlined its strategy to defeat the proposal, saying the bill would "effectively eliminate the secret ballot protection for workers" when deciding whether to join a union.

Solis's Cabinet nomination is in the crossfire. She was a co-sponsor of the bill in 2007, and has served for the last four years on the board of American Rights at Work. Solis receives no salary as a board member or treasurer.

Republican senators zeroed in on the organization in a series of written questions and answers obtained by the Tribune Washington Bureau.

In her initial public hearing before the Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor & Pensions last month, Solis faced criticism for sidestepping questions about the union organizing issue. She was more forthcoming in subsequent written replies, saying she intended to work for passage if confirmed as Labor secretary.

In the written exchange, Republican senators asked if that would run afoul of Obama's new ethics policy. Obama has announced that appointees who lobbied on an issue must steer clear of it for their first two years of government service. The president has made some exceptions, however.

In their questionnaire, the senators noted that American Rights at Work has lobbied for passage of bill. They asked Solis whether she would seek a waiver from the Obama administration or avoid any role in passing the legislation.

Solis replied that she does not need a waiver and has no intention of stepping back. She said she was only a member of Congress exercising her powers.

"I am not a registered lobbyist, nor do I in any way meet the statutory requirements for registration as a lobbyist," she wrote.

On the eve of the committee vote, Republicans were taking a cautious stance.

A spokesman for the top Republican member of the labor committee, Michael B. Enzi (R-Wyo.), said: "Sen. Enzi has received responses from Rep. Solis to his questions for the record, and he is reviewing those responses carefully."

Big f'in news that the CoC bastards oppose card check. And the nerve of the Rethugs demanding that she recuse herself from all actions on Card check.....Newsflash: they lost.....How is it that someone married to mitch mcconnell, and employed by the heratige foundation never caused a problem, but Solis' unpaid membership on a labor group is fouling her nom?.....Obama and the Dems need to go to the f'in mattresses on this...


dave3544 said...

Really, if our nominee for Labor can't have served on a committee dedicated to procuring labor rights, then I don't know what the fuck we are going to do. I'm also getting sick and effing tired of pretending like the Chamber of Commerce is some neutral organization instead of the right-wing bastards they are.

Mike3550 said...

I think that Solis' response shows that she was a great pick. Yup, I was a member; Yup, I support card check; Nope, not going to seek a waiver; and Yup, you CAN go f* yourself, Mr. Enzi.