Friday, February 6, 2009

Grammar and punctuation are ever evolving rubrics, as well

A lot of the legislative agenda is driven by assumptions that have reached the level of given facts. Science is an ever changing rubric and even such core principles as gravity have been modified over the years as more information has become available. As we enter into a debate on our various courses of action, I think it is important to examine the base line to see if there is enough “real” science to warrant the direction we are taking. To that end my next few newsletters will deal with Oregon’s environmental agenda.

If you ask any climatologist (who has not bought into a political agenda) if the planet is getting warmer the answer will be; “we don’t know”.


gabbagabbahey said...

hyperlinks seem to be shrinking and will likely disappear altogether by 2010.

"such core principles as gravity have been modified over the years as more information has become available"

so he's a rocket scientist as well as an environmentalist (albeit of the truth-seeking kind)?

Chad said...

Hey, that's my asshole, er, state senator. Last spring when there was a late freeze that damaged some crops, he was quoted in the newspaper laughing and saying something to the effect of "this global warming is really something, huh?"

It was pretty bold, describing himself as an environmentalist. Here in Douglas county, environmentalists are held in the same disdain as negroes, illegal aliens, and democrats. Any industry that has failed or evolved into a new model, timber, dairy, fishing, you know who's to blame? Environmentalists that's who. I guess JK has enough credibility that he knows that his constituents won't really believe he's one of "those" environmentalists.

In an aside not totally unrelated to my dim view of my current residency, this week I applied for a transfer to Eugene.

dave3544 said...