Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Cousin Oliver

I feel a bit like John Frusciante over here. I've followed the lads (and lady) at the OG here for years, even have the OG logo tattooed on my left butt check, and now I am the luckiest guy in the world because I actually get to jam with these mofos. Plus, Wobs has started to dial it in like he was Flea and Lex is busy trying to become an actor by playing a small-time thug in a Keanu Reeves vehicle. The parallels are uncanny. The only thing left for me to do is propose that we do a really ripping cover of Higher Ground.

As always when the new guy comes in, you will hate me. You will sit around and talk about how you used to read the OG before they sold out. (Speaking of which, can we get some motherfucking ads up in this bitch? I got two cats to feed.) But then the OG will conquer the known blog universe, win Grammies, and everyone will look at you funny when you say you liked early OG and drop a reference to Freaky-Styley. dave3544 Hillel is dead, long live me.

Still, the new guy has to be able to play the classics, if only for encore purposes. Hell, it's why I fell in love with the OG in the first place. So here's this:

Seriously, FUCK ANDY STERN. He's a Stalinesque piece of crap who wants power. His transparent need to grow his union to collect dues, not help workers, but to collect dues and expand his power is obvious to anyone paying attention. The deals his union works with employers, locking in low wages for years while pledging to work on the employers behalf is unconscionable. His ongoing battle with the California Nurses and now the UHW is not about helping workers, it is about power and control.

Alright,the classics done, let me point you to LaborNerd. For reasons I can't explain, I have hopes for this blog. Young people writing about labor, yes! Unfortunately, so far we have a strong endorsement of Robert Reich and a complete unwillingness to take sides in the SEIU-UHW affair. I mean, it's handy to have a clearing house for the info, but pick a motherfucking side. More calls for everyone to get along are not going to help. One side is more right than the other. Declare or shut the fuck up.

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wobblie said...

Good first jab, but next time with more feeling.