Friday, December 12, 2008

(horn) friday nite Sprites


lex dexter said...

i have no idea what's up with the Black Square framing the pearl jam pick.

but i'm glad we've been talking a lot about phish, primus and pearl jam lately. let alone ryan adams and warren haynes. i'm looking to make some real gains with the Relix magazine crowd, you know? mebbe if r+b can do a guest post about the black crowes?

evil r + b said...

That's funny that you said that, Tex-Lex, cuz I just watched 5 consecutive youtube videos of the Black Crowes playing with Jimmy Page.

What if Obama smokes America Spirits? Or roll-yer-own?

BTW, our friend Alan Wray is a Libertarian. He's fun to talk to about it.

wobblie said...

Given his obsessive exercising, rollies are out - that shit wrecked me back in the day.

My guess is he's still trying to quit, and so he bums whatever he can from aides. But back in the day I'm betting Marlboro Reds.

Car Carpet said...

Bruce was my favourite Kid in the Hall