Friday, December 12, 2008

cards' acoustic "fix it"

i was captivated by this performance when i first saw it and now it's available on le youtube, hoorah!

some thoughts:
1) sad how post-Unplugged acoustic rock situations require drummers to try to "Rock" with brushes. it's an emasculating set-up (even for ladies), akin to "Rock Saxophone" and "Standing-Up Keyboard Rocker." Certainly the winter hat makes Brad seem like an approachable potential dormmate, though.
2) i'm showing this vid as testimony to my grandiose claims about the Cards' vocals. but Damn if neal casal's tiny-framed glasses and face-squelching aren't a little uncomfortable to look at. he plays unbelieveable comp gtr on this song, tho.
3) i wish bill ayers had taken a page out of ry-ry's book and dressed up like 1951 Ginsberg for his Hardball interview.

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Clark said...

damn. beautiful. i think the MTV unplugged BS ruined part of my aptitude for "acoustic jams" though. this song is like walking home alone on ice glazed streets after midnight. the vox are so sharp they don't feel live. the drummer doesn't seem to be "rocking" to me though,as is, snare/ high hat/ quarter notes/ no kick possibly? think i might favor ry-ry acoustic/ lead on electric/ no drummer as brushes kinda cheeze me out like limos on prom night...