Monday, November 24, 2008

Won't You Take Me To....The Lundi Horn?!?

(note: i really like doing "Around the Horn" posts even tho they don't generate a lotta comments. on days like today, when writing on a weblog is the last thing i should be doing, the "Around the Horn" allows me a chance to dash off a quick non sequitur title and a buncha links to primary texts that mostly speak for themselves. it also, naturally, allows my writing to discipline itself even less along beginning-middle-end lines. anyway, i hope readers know they too are welcome to drop half-formed thoughts, abstruse quips or dank burrito-style links in the comment section.)
  1. if you only read 1 article today about BHO's Economic appointments, here it is: Bob Kuttner, certainly the left-liberal wonk with the hot hand, hot on the heels of Sunday's debate avec Will, Brooks and Huffington, on what has become my new fave Sunday Morning Talk Show (honorable mention, the Fareed Zakaria joint on CNN.)
  2. if you listen to only one podcast about the Detroit bailout, it better be Doug Henwood with dan la botz. Stick around for the intvs. with grand, new conservative reihan salam, who himself is name-checking ethnography at the moment? have i endorsed henwood enough by now?
  3. john edwards for Labor Sec? uh, prolly not actually... but everybody's unsure who is going to get it at the moment, and ben smith, par example, seems to suggest Labor is a "second-tier" cabinet appt. in the BHO admin. As for frmr. Sen. john-boy (D-NC), We should be content enough, methinks, to hear edwards' campaign policies serving as the blueprint for the alleged nouveau New Deal.
  4. ry-ry adams makes me wonder, is Oasis' What's the Story..? a better alb than REM's Monster? I guess I think so... you?
  5. does anybody else watch the Shield? i do, and that's why i dug this lengthy interview with actor Walton Goggins. the show is best understood as the Wire if given treatments by scriptwriters from Fox and Total Nonstop Action Wrestling. the show is something to experience, as are CRASS albums, right?
  6. the stupidest anti-EFCA meme yet? from John Boehner?
  7. BBC NEWS | Programmes | Hardtalk | Richard Trumka: thirty minute intvw. with the AFL-CIO's sec-tres/badass.
  8. live june of 44 at captain's dead! (h/t pour gabba-bagga-sleigh)
  9. The Godfather Family Album:tell me exactly who you think is going to buy this in December of 2008?


Anonymous said...

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evil r + b guy said...

What's the Story... over Monster. Sad but true. In fact, What's... over any post-Green REM alb. said...

i, too, vote Oasis over REM.

Wilbur said...

I am SO GLAD that someone shares my sentiments about "The Shield." I, for one, love the fact that has absolutely ZERO ability for nuance and subtlety. That quality alone makes it relevant television in the early 21st century. I'm becoming more and more of the opinion that all forms of culture are worth examining when they seem to reflect or, perhaps more rightly, mirror the causes and conditions of the society within which they exist. Love it.

brown beard said...