Friday, November 28, 2008

around the what if horn

more than anything i'm tired this long weekend. i've been sick and chained to my office-tv-bedroom habitat forever, but it's clearly going to continue for a few more days, months... thankfully i'm finally well enough to take walks, enjoy promenades, prance about the precincts, etc... so i've got that (read: the out-of-doors) going for me, which is nice. at a certain point, it is a itself a sin for even the catholic-est ex-catholics to brood, non? so if the best posture i can muster these days is "enthusiastic convalescent," then...

i turn to fluxblog in an attempt to end a decade's hiatus from any and all hip-hop, etc. kanye west, l'il wayne (sp?)... how else am i supposed to start? (any and all advice is welcome. i'll probably end up regressing to thirty-six chambers or midnight marauders, if not just giving up and only ever rocking the soft rock or the shoegaze records.) i appreciate fluxblog's 'singles' format, and i like the renewed sense of possibilities that mp3 web action brings to the audio life.

looks like chris matthews really is staffing up for the PA senate seat run.
dean baker occupies the position of Marvel's (Uatu the) Watcher, pointing the way to a possible reality-based discourse around EFCA that seems less improbable every day.

in other shield news, an interview with writer Shawn Ryan - who'd've thunk he worked on Nash Bridges? - coinciding with the (gripping) series finale from last tuesday. neophytes should resist the urge to skip to the end without watching the whole thing, tho....Ryan justifiably feels some pride for the series' ability to maintain the beginning-middle-end formal architecture that so few movies/tv shows/etc ever pull off.

more jeffrey jensen telephone calls on matablog!


gabbagabbahey said...

ah, the Shield. Personally I prefer the Wire, though of course they're completely different types of shows and also the Shield is probably more politically progressive - best investigation of a police state/police brutality in contemporary television, while the Wire for all its realism and novelistic glory, sort of takes it for granted that the police should be wiretapping people, with relative ease. then again, the Wire (I think) does a better job of describing the politics of organisations.

Anonymous said...

here's some hip-hop advice:
try some Stones Throw Records: Quasimoto, Madvillain, Madlib, MF DOOM. Then you might go for a few Definitive Jux Records: Cannibal Ox (you can borrow the Cold Vein vinyl from Rob) or El-P (and his former group, Company Flow).
Then, why not go for the new Wu Tang, 8 Diagrams?
Did you ever listen to that Nephlim Modulation Systems cd i sent you in '06 (featuring Bigg Jus, formerly of Company Flow, too) with the "pizza man" polaroid?
Did I mention Company Flow? The album, FunCrusher Plus?

Wilbur said...

Yes! More "Shield" blogging! I got real deep into this show in grad school. I (think) I've seen seasons 1-4 - whichever one is the season right after Glenn Close was on it. I have some problems/concerns with the show, but, overall, I think it's really well-done and very engaging, which, after all, is what good TV should be.

As for hip-hop, I'm assuming Andrew made the anonymous comment. Maybe I'm wrong. But, regardless, you should definitely check the new GZA album, "Pro-Tools" - check out the track "0% Finance" - it's the bomb. Seconding that emotion on the Stones Throw records stuff, but sometimes I feel that stuff is just weird for weirdness' sake. Lil' Wayne's "Carter" trilogy is a must-have for more commercially popular/successful stuff. Do check the new GZA, though.

Anonymous said...

Matthews says it's BS.

Car Carpet said...

i did leave that anonymus comment--I also recommend Clipse, Nas' "Illmatic," Gravediggaz' "6 Feet Deep," and all the old Geto Boys & Outkast albums.