Wednesday, November 26, 2008

whimsy horn, prisonshippe

remember that old blog, the parson-sharp? well, it's being re-run (avec falcon, in one instance) in syndication for a limited time. it's the person-slurp's way of saying "happy effing holiday, chips!"

any wobs can tell you that all this jeebus talk is nothing new from me... but what else am i supposed to do when M.I.T. is funding ryan adams' faux-Plath, faux-Gary Snyder hocum? or when IKEA wants somebody from Pavement to shop there?

mebbe i should drop some coin on this set of Hitchcocks? which one would you watch first?

oh well, at least BHO just nominated an OMB guy who's known as an alarmist about social security, huh? stay tuned to the OG for "early and often" reportage of every ownry also-ran, and every arcane ideology that befits your e'er-so-pleasant holiday eyes.

1 comment:

Wilbur said...

I'd start with "Lifeboat"