Tuesday, September 9, 2008

What happened to good drug etiquette?

Thanks to the NYT, I spent the evening familiarizing myself with the whole genre of Salvia trip YouTube videos (as an added bonus, it's also the first time I recall having seen the word "bong" appear in the Times). Back in my younger and wilder days, I was no stranger to all manner of psychedelics, and to be perfectly honest, I enjoyed them. Salvia, however, was my least favorite - I tried it once and had the worst experience of my life. It wasn't a good time. Some people enjoy it, and that's fine by me, but it's definitely not my cup of ('shroom) tea.

Watching the videos, though, made me realize we were downright civilized in our little adventures. A few thoughts:
  • Tim Leary always talked about "set and setting" in having a good trip. We always managed to either be outside in a safe environment, at a show or club, or some comfy place to chill out. Watching these jokers get blasted in their dingy apartments doesn't seem like a lot of fun to me.
  • You know what sucks when you're tripping? People pointing and laughing, and some jerk trying to "trip you out" with some sort of nonsense. People, just let the person enjoy their voyage.
  • You know what would've sucked even more? Someone waving a camera in my face and documenting my trip.
  • And really, posting it on YouTube? I don't care if the shit's legal, broadcasting to the world how fucked up you were is one of the stupidest uses of technology I've seen.

Take the advice from someone who's "been there," kids - turn off the camera, light up a doob, put on Dark Side of the Moon, and just relax. It's much easier on your constitution.

< /cranky old man >

Oh, fuck it. This one's pretty fucking funny.


dave3544 said...

May I suggest Sgt. Pepper's? Swam in that one a couple of times.

May I also suggest that the first OG convention include mushrooms?

lex dexter said...

i'll have a pepsi, if you've got one. or some fizzy water.

wobblie said...

Sgt. Pepper was always kept in an easily accessible location, along with Mothership Connection, Live Dead and any number of other bootlegs, Revolver, and In a Priest Driven Ambulance.

As with lips, I'll have to pass on the mushrooms (unless you're suggesting a nice portabella burger or some sauteed shitakes). I simply can't deal with 10 hours + one day recovery time for psychic explorations any more.