Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Teh Youths for John McCain

Speaking of idiots on Facebook and the election...

Because I am on Facebook primarily in a "professional" capacity, I am "friends" with many (very young) undergraduates who are affiliated with the Women's Center and, hence, have access -- whether I want it or not -- to many details about the lives and happenings of 18 year olds. I generally try to skip over the embarrassing drunken photos they post of themselves (the bumper crop from the recent "Dress to Get Screwed" event on campus being the most recent example where it was necessary to avert my eyes). But when my news feed indicated that one of my young associates planned to attend the "I will not attend school on Wednesday, November 5 if John McCain is elected" event, I clicked out of curiosity.

This appears to be some sort of high school protest. And so far the response has been less than positive. My favorite comment:

Caleb Reid (Washburn) wrote
at 1:48am
screw that!!! I am will attend school with joy!!!!

the only reason I would not attend school would be in the case in that I am hung over from celebrating!!!

Brilliant. I am will weeping for the youth of today.


wobblie said...

I feel your pain. Through Facebook I saw that my sister had become a "supporter" of McCain/Palin. I'm trying to write her a letter to ask her "why" without it sounding like "OMG you're an idiot."

lex dexter said...

"dress to get screwed?"

if that even approaches the horrors of Sewanee (The University of the South)'s annual "Gangsta" Party, my thoughts and (agnostic) prayers are with you.