Sunday, September 14, 2008

Be afraid. Be very afraid.

Could we please get less media banter about lipstick on a pig and more of this, please?

The more I learn about Sara Palin, the more she scares the shit out of me. (And by the way, before I go on can I just say that, speaking of learning more about Palin, has anyone else noticed how freaking awesome The Bellman's ongoing dissection of the VP nominee has been? Damn, ya'll. That's some good blogging.) John McCain may represent a continuation of many of the Bush administration's policies (wait, wasn't that the point Obama was making with the "lipstick on a pig" comment?) But it seems more and more clear that Palin represents a frightening continuation of Bush's (really fucking scary) leadership style.

Palin has surrounded herself with friends who are selected for their personal ties and loyalty rather than their competence (to wit, the high school chum who was appointed to direct the State Division of Agriculture based on her "lifetime love of cows."); fired, intimidated, and pursued vendettas against those who cross her (Troopergate being just one example. And by the way, look out, DR: you've probably already been identified and labeled a "hater" and should be getting the "You should be ashamed! Stop blogging. Stop blogging right now!” call any day...); has demonstrated a stunning lack of knowledge of crucial issues; is a remote, isolated, and often MIA leader (prompting leaders in Juneau to wear "Where's Sarah?" pins); and operates under an unprecedented veil of secrecy (right on down to insisting that everyone in her administration use private e-mail accounts to conduct significant state business because, as an assistant told her, e-mail messages sent to a private address on a personal device like a BlackBerry “would be confidential and not subject to subpoena.”).

Seriously, we can't live through another 4-8 years of this. Or at least I can't. Please, o please could there not be more attention and scrutiny to the completely batshit crazy narrative the McCain campaign (and the governor herself) has constructed about Palin being an experienced, anti-corruption reformer?

I'm not holding my breath. Because as unpopular as George Bush is, he's already primed the electorate to believe that it's no big deal to try to ban a book you haven't even bothered to read because "you don't need to read that stuff." Or that it's perfectly normal to mine your high school yearbook or church directory to replace knowledgeable professionals in key government appointments, arguing that they'll "learn on the job." Or even that being ignorant yourself is not only not a flaw that precludes you from aspiring to the highest office in the land, but actually kinda cute and charming. Someone will always be there to strategically place a color-coded stack of index cards telling you what to say behind your nameplate. And cover up for your mistakes. And guard the evidence of your incompetence (and even wrongdoing) with their lives. And brand anyone who tries to question this as "bad people who are anti-Alaska." And sexist. That's the exciting new twist, I guess.

We can't let this happen again.

UPDATE: Frank Rich characterizes McCain as an even weaker Bush to Palin's Cheney in his column today. Maybe that's what makes her so frightening to me: the melding of the worst elements of the current White House occupants.


Stevie said...
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Stevie said...

Yes. YES. I so heartily agree with you.

All of the overarching issues of the inherent sexism in choosing a female running mate simply because she has a vagina, the Republicans pandering to their Christian, right-wing conservative constituents with choosing her, her personal life--including her oddly named children (reminiscent of Walker and Texas Ranger from Talledega Nights) and her pregnant daughter--ALL of those things should not distract from the fact that her politics are FUCKING SCARY.

(Sorry, deleted original b/c I submitted before I was done.)

Anyhoo, I am so completely in agreement with you. Ignoring, for a moment, all of the gendered implications and politics of sex stuff going on, the more I read about this chick, the more frightened I become.

She is NOT a breath of fresh air. I hope those people in the middle recognize that if they choose to vote for that ticket, they are bringing into office a more extreme version of what we've had for the past four years. *shudders*

lex dexter said...

I agree entirely. She is in many ways more horrifying than even McCain.

I think there is a good chance, however, that her appeal will stretch no further than the right-wing, specifically Reagan-ite base.

And I also think that, over time, her record will catch up with her. It is possible that the campaign will continue to evoke sexism in a way that scares the press off from doing its job of reporting on her background, but otherwise I think she will soon recede to the level of a terrifying relative non-issue.

I am also starting to think I'm a dupe, though. Being at the convention gave me all sorts of time to make rationalizations about and craft apologias for Barack Obama and the Democratic Party. Who knows if that's a good thing?

And, yes! Kudos to the Bellman for all the groovy coverage!

unionboy said...

I believe they've given up on the independents and never really thought they would get the Clinton supporters with Palin on the ticket. I think they are purposefully only appealing to the conservative Christians who may not turn out in droves for McCain. They're hoping that they will turn out in droves for Palin.