Thursday, August 8, 2013

A Meeting of the Minds

My apartment is where my OCD can run free a bit. Before I leave in the morning:

Shower curtain closed.
Shower mat straightened.
Toothpaste squeezed from the bottom of the tube.
Dirty laundry in basket.
Ironing board put away (which means ironing before showering, so the iron has time to cool).
Coffee table parallel to couch. Couch and chair at right angle.
Calendar turned over.
Dishes done.
Stove top cleaned.
If leaving for more than three days, garbage and recycling empty, floor swept and wiped. Coffee grounds on garbage can lid means a cleaning. Can left out to remind me to put a new bag in when I get back. Doors closed, windows shut and locked, curtains lowered.

My apartment is where my apprehension about my body can run free a bit. My bathroom has two mirrors at right angles to each other, which means post-shower I get me spread over two mirrors. I think of my wife. I remind myself I owe her an apology. I pledge to do better. I fail.

All right here in my little apartment.

1 comment:

lex dexter said...

I've always liked how much laundry you do. But, I think we need to find somebody in the apartment complex for you to have a coupla beers and watch the fights with. Some of those 28yo cyclists are probably cooler than you might think. (Or not.)