Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Memo to an Asshole

Do you want to know why I got served my coffee before you, even though you ordered before me? Of course you want to know, you threw a grown-up man fit there in the coffee shop, so you definitely want to know. Either that or you just enjoy berating minimum-wage workers at seven in the morning. I got my coffee before you did because you ordered a jag-off triple mocha skinny latte foamy with a shot of vanilla, while I ordered a cup of coffee. So the dude took your order, took my order, got me my coffee and then went about debasing himself by making your piece of shit. That you yelled at him while he did it means that you, my friend, are an asshole.


ash said...

Solid, you're starting to grow on me.

I have to wonder if part/most/all of the pleasure that is derived from ordering these silly frou-frou beverages is causing the whole freaking coffee shop to grind to a halt while the barista prepares them. "That's right, my beverage is extra-special, so you'll have to wait there, Mr. Plain Cup o' Joe." You robbed him of that pleasure, Solid. (And judging from your description, that was probably the only pleasure he was going to get from his $4 cup of swill.) Good for you.

wobblie said...

Hey now, let's leave the delicious beverage out of this! It's not like there was soy milk involved! ;-)